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"The Contractor's Profit Plan"
Get Control of Your Contracting Business!
June 26, 2018 @ 10:00AM EST

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Essential knowledge for every builder or specialty contractor.
What You Will Learn On This Free Training Webinar:
Secret #1
Delegation Mastery: Get Back Time & Fix Crew Communication.

Fix how you communicate with your team when they are in charge of running multiple projects so that you don't have to constantly babysit them!

Secret #2
Deliver Profitably:
Maximize Your Profits & Control on Every Job!

Learn the strategies to stop the profit leaks by knowing exactly how to pre-start, run, & finish a job site more profitably.

*During the online workshop you will be getting a free onsite system to help you achieve control!*

Secret #3
Dominate Your Market: Become the Contractor of Choice!

Learn how to filter through leads so that you only attract class A clients who pay your worth and kick out the time-wasting tire-kickers!
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About The Host

“This webinar is about helping builders & specialty contractors create an action plan to ultimate freedom. Make more money and have more control over your business and your LIFE!"

Andrew Houston is the founder & owner of Profit for Contractors. He has been dedicated to helping trades-based companies grow profitably over the last decade. He is the go to coach for Canadian Contractors and has worked with 100’s of companies, which includes top performers such as:
-  Lamarche Electric Inc.
-  Bertrand Plumbing and Heating
-  SDR Electric, Plumbing & Heating Inc.
-  Dean Lane Contractors Inc
-  PC Insulations
-  Hahn Builders
-  Rand Electrical 

Working alongside and successfully growing trade based companies like the ones mentioned above means you’ll be learning tested and proven strategies. You’ll be able to use these shortcuts to rapidly grow your business without having to spend money on strategies that may or may not work.  

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